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Latin America 2022 Forecast Webinar
It can be a challenge to set aside an hour of a workday but here is the value of doing so for the 2022 Latin America Forecast Webinar:

INTELLIGENCE: You’ll come away with a large, relevant swath of data to help your planning: macroeconomic projections, timelines for COVID recovery using vaccination & infection data, foreign investment figures, consumption projections and more
INTERPRETATION: You’ll have a sharp, deep understanding of what forecasting data is telling us, all driven by AMI’s 30 years of experience in studying the LatAm market in multiple sectors.
INSIGHTS: You can pose your toughest questions to the panelists and get their perspectives on what 2022 will bring to your industry, your country, or the entire region

Drilling down into specifics, key takeaways from the 2022 Forecast will include:

• How China and US economic performance will impact LatAm in 2022
• Why the signs point to another commodity super cycle that will drive Latin American export growth
• The state of COVID in LatAm, vaccination rates, herd immunity and the most realistic timing expectations for different countries to push past the pandemic
• Expected 2022 trends/developments that payments and financial services players must pay attention to
• Which areas of logistics are expected to grow the most as Latin Americans adjust to a post-COVID reality
• Forecasts for FX & GDP recovery, country by country, and the factors driving it
• Medical equipment product types with the strongest forecast demand in 2022
• How privatization will open opportunities in the energy sector…and where
• The jurisdictions where miners and investors can expect the biggest challenges in 2022
• Which industries in which countries have the most growth — and possible investment — potential in 2022

That’s a quick sample. Sign up below to attend and obtain even more insights into what to expect in Latin America in 2022 to minimize your risk and maximize your gains.

Oct 21, 2021 12:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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